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VIX uses your phone's camera to track your form. Not only does VIX personalize your workout plan, but it'll count for you! 

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How VIX can help you achieve your fitness goals

Complete monthly challenges

Take one of our creative monthly challenges and share your results! Feel free to check the scoreboard for most reps on our socials! 

Track your reps properly

Forget which rep you're on mid-workout? VIX properly counts reps by recognizing if you're going all the way down through your phone's camera. 

Receive tailored workout or create your own

Receive a personalized workout from VIX using AI or make your own using our library! 

Store your progress

VIX stores the number of reps you've accomplished over time. Look back and be proud of your efforts! 

Workout anytime, anywhere

No heavy and expensive hardware, no permanent installations, no warranty worries. Just download VIX and workout. 

Watch VIX grow

VIX aims to motivate and keep users accountable on their fitness journey. Get premium access or follow us on our socials to get early insights!

What makes a personal trainer

Form Tracking in real-time

VIX 'sees' the user's form by drawing lines on their body to count proper reps. Like a personal trainer. 

Workout motivation using statistics

VIX tracks your personal rep count and duration for each exercise, acknowledging your workout efforts. Join the community and share your rep count! Let's support each other! 

Flexible workout plan and schedule

VIX is the only fitness app where users can customize their own workouts and reps and seamlessly transition into form tracking. Simply place your phone anywhere at anytime and start your fitness journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see me through my phone's camera? 

No, we cannot see anything that your camera sees. 

What is VIX and what does it do? 

VIX is an AI Personal Trainer. 

When opening the app, you can either take on a challenge or dive into the workouts you've created. 

As you begin your workout, VIX uses your phone's camera to 'see' if you're going all the way down. Let's say you're doing a squat. VIX has been trained to recognize proper squats and will count a rep if you have done it properly. 

VIX can generate a personalized workout plan for you based on your preferences. Or choose from our library of exercises and create your own. 100 push-ups? Why not? 

How is VIX different than the other workout apps? 

We didn't stop at personalized workouts. With VIX, you can make your own workout plan, and the app will help you keep track of your exercises using your phone's camera!

Unlike other apps, VIX is really good at recognizing when you're doing exercises correctly. Here's why that's important: Imagine you're learning how to do a push-up by looking at pictures. But in one of the pictures, you can't see where the left hand is placed so you're left guessing. That guess might not be accurate. Now, think about having a personal trainer. Would you want one who kinda knows what they're doing, or one who knows exactly? 

Why did Beige create VIX? Also, why the name Beige?

Short story: Beige LLC was founded by three friends from Virginia Tech who previously founded a startup. We realized the difficulty of getting into fitness given the large amount of content and guides and it wasn't until we built a prototype that we realized we were forgetting our rep counts. After engaging with people online and in person, we discovered others who shared common frustrations with fitness.

The name 'Beige' came about because we didn't want to spend too much time on the name. We tried to register as 'The Company,' 'Company,' 'The Normal Company,' 'Generic Company,' etc. Eventually, we chose a 'normal' sounding color - Beige - and focused our efforts on building a great product.

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